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A.T.O. M.  (Ancient Teachings of Masters)    A Spiritual Resource Group since 1970’s!   We  currently  meet every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:45 At Centre on C, 6000 C street, at the Corner of Dowling and C Street!   enter from the light at 64th also and come around back. ! For Info call 227-0989   or email at dkelly907@Yahoo.com  or info@atomcenterak.org  WEBSITE FOR ATOM:  www.atomcenterak.org

ATOM August 2017 

 Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Cathy Morton

Synchronicity, Energy & Entities:

Grounded wisdom on three key, interconnected topics that face all sensitive people.

Synchronicity: where the inner and outer realities create a perfect harmony. What does that feel like? How do you know you are there? Is there a way you can create more synchronicity? We will explore the feeling and the knowing, and the possibilities that are available through synchronicity.

Multi-Directional Energy: We’re going to learn about direction energy/frequency—how it moves in around and through us. What are you attuning to? You want to be sure that it serves you, and that you have enough energy. Learn how Cathy taps into universal energy from the Creator and Earth, which allows her to share unlimited love with humanity (most of the time!).

Entities: Cathy will show her photos of entity visitations and will talk about her personal encounters with the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, and her experience with the multiple Entities that are the forces behind world-famous Brazilian medium healer John of God. She will discuss the importance of maintaining your soul’s autonomy while creating working partnerships with Enlightened Entities.

Cathy’s Bio

Cathy Morton’s gifts heal through joy and play. She believes deeply in the power of love, prayer and miracles.

Following a prolonged near-death experience at age 4, Cathy was catapulted into a beyond-normal life. At 19, she received multiple psychic surgeries and training in spirituality, which awakened a thirst for knowledge of true human potential through Creator.  For the past 41 years, she has pursued her healing gifts and expelled her shadows through initiations as a Reiki Master Trainer, drum builder, crystal energy authority, human potential coach and empowerment healer. A 46-year Alaska resident, Cathy recently relocated to the corner of Morton and Alaska Street in Ashland Oregon.



Monday August 7  2017

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Centre on C (6000 C Street)

Everyone is invited to join us for a full moon meditation and potluck dinner on Monday August 7, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m.  You may feel free to leave at any time or stay for the entire event!


We will begin at 6:00 with the potluck dinner followed by meditation for an hour, have a break and another meditation for a total of 2 meditations.  The energy of the moon when it is full is amazing and the extra energy from the group really enhances the meditation!


Please plan to join us, bring some food to share (if this is an issue, please don’t worry, just bring yourself!) and an open mind!

Brought to you by PSSM and Centre on C


Tuesday , August 8, 2017 6:30 to 8:oo p.m.

Akashic Masters Channeling  with Joan Mattson and Mary Nelson


public channeled session by the Akashic Masters using Joan Mattson and Mary Nelson as channels. The Masters have asked that we have one more channeled session before the eclipse on August 21 as they have new information to impart to us at this time. Everyone is invited to come hear these important messages. Donation appreciated.



Sunday, August 13,  2017

Laurel and Doug Epps

Following your Dream” 

The husband and wife team of Doug & Laurel Epps created a full-length documentary called “Soul Resonance” about Zimbabwean music coming to North America over 40 years ago and how it is continuing to spread.  This music resonated in their souls… hence the name!  This project was self-funded as a labor of love.  They will discuss their 5 year Adventure interviewing, filming and editing this documentary movie.


Doug and Laurel were born & raised in So California.  He was an Electronics Engineer and spent 25 years designing and developing video equipment for use in industrial, broadcast and computer graphic applications.  He was also a private pilot and flight instructor.  Laurel has a Master of Arts Degree in Fine Art and worked for 25 years in many capacities, including aerospace design graphics, TV shows, and colorizing old B&W movies, including “Miracle on 34th Street”.  She ended up as a salesperson selling CAD/CAM systems to the packaging industry, to companies such as Weyerhaeuser.


They left California on their “Alaska Adventure” for the entire summer of 2000, and decided to stay!  They moved to Homer, where Doug began his second career as a commercial (bush) pilot.  Laurel owned & operated a small Natural Food store called ‘Home Sweet Homer’, and eventually started creating fine art again.   Doug is currently a commercial pilot flying for RAVN Alaska and Laurel is retired.  They started the Anchorage Marimba Ensemble in 2013 and continue playing and sharing this wonderful music.


August 20, 2017

Allen Soule-Speaker

“Spontaneity and let Spirit be your Chariot:

Author of “The 12th Article”
Energetic Healer
Health Educator
Vibrational Nutritionist
Inspirational Speaker
Naturalist Photographer 

In Allen’s Words:  who am I? I am a truth seeker. I have no boundaries regarding where to seek out the truth, and I seek the truth that serves the greatest good in this very moment.
I am an openhearted, open-minded spiritual vessel. 
I am awake and dedicated to the practice of being conscious in my mind, body and spirit.
I am a man who brings a high vibrational energy to my work.
I am committed to helping individuals and groups uncover their own knowing because ultimately health and wellness is in the hands of the individual.


August 27

Mark Lurtsema

To be determined

Special events”

Full moon Meditation  and potluck   Friday evening   August 7   6 to 10 p.m.


On going events at Centre on C

WEDNESDAY EVENING MEDITATION 7 to 8:30 p.m. with Mark Lurtsema 

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ATOM INFORMATION:   our Sunday gatherings consist of a variety of meditations and interesting topics and Speakers of All types focused on aspects of mind, body and spirit.  We welcome various topics with a spiritual nature and educational aspect.  Each Sunday may be a bit different so please be open to the many blessings of spirit and how it is revealed each week. Open to all and feel free to bring a Friend!


Atom Center is making available to those interested transcripts of some Universal Readings

Done by Michael Francis in the 80’s. Each reading has been transcribed in full and is of a particular subject matter. We will offer one reading per month. www.VISIT ATOMCENTERAK.Org and  click on  archives ( readings)


August Full moon Meditation  and potluck  Monday August 7,   6 to 10 p.m.

  For Speaker opportunities call Dawn at  (907)227-0989 or email info@atomcenterak.org