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ATOM Sunday Gatherings meet at Centre on C, 6000 C Street, Anchorage, AK ( corner of Dowling and C) from 9:30 am. to 10:45 am. info? call 907-227-0989

Sunday February 4, 2018

Lizette Stiehr

“Most people think we believe our experience This is not true: we experience what we believe.” 

Your beliefs create your life experiences. They are expressed through your internal self talk and your emotional reactions to life’s events. What stories do you tell about who you are and how life is? We’ll talk about tools to witness what those beliefs are and how to align them with your real job: Using your body as a prism to play with the light. 

Sunday February 11, 2018

Maruti Seidman 

Nationally known speaker, Author and Facilitator

“How to Live a spiritual life in this physical world”

Bio from Maruti:

I graduated from Heartwood College of the Healing Arts in 1980 as a Health Care Practitioner. I became licensed to teach Energy Healing by the state of California in 1982. I taught at heartwood until 1983. I have written several books about energy healing including: The Whispers of Your heart, The Foundation of Energy Healing and Yoga and the I-Ching.

Since 1980 i have trained over 25,000 students and have assisted over 20,000 people receive healing during private sessions.

I have been coming to Alaska since 1990 to train people in Polarity Balancing, the official name of the healing system that I teach.

Sunday February 18  2018


Speaker Ozodi  “Zod” Osuji, PhD

This talk will explain Byron Katie’s the work, how responding to
her four simple questions (1) is it true (2) Can you absolutely know
that it is true (3) How do you react when you believe that thought (4)
Who would you be without the thought, and Turn it around; the
Cognitive Behavior Therapy of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck that states
that it is not what is happening out  there that makes us happy or sad
or fearful or angry but how we think about them and that change of our
thinking and perception leads to different emotions in us and Chinese
Taoism that teaches that whether we like it or not thoughts come into
our minds and that it is attachment to particular thoughts that give
us suffering hence the need to let thoughts come and go without
attachment to them. The talk will point out that, as the Greco-Roman
philosopher, Epictetus, observed thousands of years ago, it is really
our pattern of thinking that determines our happiness or absence of it
hence the need to have mostly positive thoughts.

Ozodi Osuji seeks ways to conjoin Western, Eastern, African and other
approaches to phenomena to give us a fuller understanding of who we
are and how to live peacefully and happily. Dr. Osuji can be reached
at (907) 310-8176.

Sunday Feb 25,2018

Dr Kim Lazarus  DC

The Path to Wellness

Learning Modules include 6 core areas of health:

 Relationships, Nutrition, Environment, Mindfulness, Movement, and Sleep.

Dr. Kim Lazarus is the CEO of Workplace Wellness solutions and co-owner of Bowen Consulting Group, a medical business consulting firm.

 Kim Lazarus, DC talents include:   Motivational Interviewing Educator, Integrative Health Coach, Chiropractor, Business Consultant, Fitness and Nutritional Consultant, Functional Training Consultant, and Injury Prevention Consultant for corporations.

She has presented to State medical associations (“Motivational Interviewing for the Healthcare Provider”).  Her private practice caters to individuals and groups in Integrative Health coaching methodologies.  Dr. Kim’s most favorite groups are staff who are having difficulties getting along with each other and in their jobs.  Instead of firing them, Dr. Lazarus works with each employee to resurrect them into a valuable team player.

Dr. Kim was trained and certified by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil in Integrative Health Coaching.   She is a national board certified health and wellness coach.

Kim has owned and operated a fitness center, medi-spa, and several chiropractic clinics.  She has hosted numerous presentations and competitions, created corporate wellness programs and started out life as a professional figure skater.  Lighting up the room, Kim is one of the most likeable, engaging and knowledgeable presenters in the country and is sure to enrich anyone who hears her.

Other Events at Centre on C: 

All that jazz benefit  at Organic Oasis Saturday, February 17, 2018

Monday Evenings 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. ” Expand your Consciousness” discussion night 

with Dr. Ozodi  “Zod” Osuji 

Meditation every Wednesday evening 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Reiki healers healing circle- 2nd Thursday of each month 6 to 8 p.m.

Nia Dance 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday with Sherry Coburn


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