Sunday Speakers

ATOM October 2018

Sunday, Oct 7, 2018

Lizette Stiehr

Are You Clear on Your Mission?

This is a critically important time for each of us to be very clear on our own mission. Why?  We will review the long arc of the history of humans on the planet and the more recent history of the light dark balance shifting.  And we will share how this is impacting if not driving your personal mission on the planet.

Sunday Oct 14, 2018

Salena Morrow

Kundalini:  an energy system shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

 the story of Kundalini:  what it was originally intended to do, why it got shut down… and what we can do about it to once more have effective access to the information we need in our lives to heal ourselves and experience a deeper connection with the All

What once was the vehicle to use to achieve transcendence – a means of interconnecting the physical body with a myriad of other goodies and Radiant Source – has become a source of fear if not a largely ignored curiosity.

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018

Karen Marie from Canada

Get personal again-Discover the Magic in your Future

*Karen-Marie is an Inspirational speaker and lecturer  from Canada. She is an accredited licensed  minister from the University of Life Church founded in the late 60’s by Dr.Richard Ireland Phoenix Az. She was first introduced into spiritualism in 1977 at a beautiful church in Victoria B.C. called the Open Door Church.It was incredible experience setting her path into the wonderful realm of medium-ship and more.The foundation onto the path of service thru spiritualism.

 She is also a certified hypnotherapist specializing in Past lives thru hypnosis.

Encouraged at a young age to share her spiritual gifts with others, she uses the ancient arts of Tea-Leaf and Tarot to enhance the psychic flow. As the painter uses a paintbrush these are the mediums she loves to use. You may wish to have a sitting with her , each reading is different and you just never know who may come thru from the other side or what story your cup will hold !

Karen-Marie believes he realms of Spirit are endless , that everyday we have magic in our lives . How wonderous  it is to be on the planet at this  time of the great ascension . Remembering  each and everyday to raise our vibration energy levels , Shining our Light ever so bright!

May We all Walk in Peace Holding the Torch Light of Truth As We Advance Further Into the Immersion Of The Light!

Karen-Marie will be in Anchorage  October 18th thru the 23rd

Come and Discover the Magic in your Future..

Sunday, October 28th

Nancy Shipley Rubin- Gifted Psychic and Counselor

“Open to the New” This is your Spiritual Directive

About Nancy

A gifted psychic and counselor, Nancy provides clear, direct guidance and teaching. Her work evolved from over twenty-five years of psychic practice, formal studies in psychology and contemplative studies. Nancy leads us through the next steps of evolution. The information is presented in a grounded format with real life examples. Nancy encourages each person to access their own inner guidance and recognize their unique gifts. Presenting principles of empowerment in a kind and humorous manner, Nancy reveals the depth of who we are.

October 1 and Oct 8th Be Well Monday eve Series-What happens when you die? With Jimmy Satva   6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 13 11 to 12:30 p.m  rock and Roll Yoga with Lori Obrien

October 15 and 22-Be Well Monday Series -Tap into your Kundalini Energy with Salena Morrow  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Meditation- Wednesdays Centre on C 6000 C Street 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Oct 12 Centre on C  drumming circle with Gail Jackson, Sound Healer

Oct 15 and oct 22 Monday Be Well Series with  Salena Morrow “Tapping your Kundalini Energy”

October 25    “Your Love style is in your palm”- With Marriana Rose  6:30 to 9:30  “reading your own palm to  Decode Your Love Style and Understand Your Non-negotiable Relationship Requirements .

Oct 26 ,27 ,and 28  OPEN TO THE NEW


Workshop With Nancy Shipley Rubin

Gifted Psychic and Counselor

We rent space! For classes, readings, workshops, body work….call 907-227-0989 info

Other Events at Centre on C: 

Mindful Meditation every Wednesday evening 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Nia Dance 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday with Sherry Coburn

Saturday NIA Dance with Sherry Coburn 9 am to 10 am

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