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ATOM June 2019

June 2, 2019

Melinda Patterson- Speaker

Title:  Vibrational Sound in Healing

Bio:  Singing bowls have been used for generations in spiritual, religious and meditative practices.  In recent years, the therapeutic value of the bowls is becoming well known.  The history of these specially designed bowls, and their use in the wellness modality setting will be discussed.  Melinda has been a student of alternative healing methods, for over twenty years.  Among the techniques she has studied, include:  Energy work, aromatherapy, herbalism, Medical Qi Gong, tuning forks and Vibrational Sound.

June 9,  2019

Diane Hannon- Speaker


       A powerful way of healing has been re-introduced to the world by the Lumerians as a gift to prepare mankind for ascension   to the 5th dimension.  Andreas Macius and Diane Hannon recently received initiation to this new energy through Kristi Sea of Juneau Alaska, who is well known to Anchorage for he talks at ATOM center and for her Crystal bowl and singing healings.   Their home is now a healing Center called   Coming Home.

About   Diane Hannon   

     40 year student of Kriya Yoga,Reiki Master, and psychic healer. She has studied for the past , 25 years A Course in Miracles and three years studying its sequel: A Course of Love, Her home is a place for classes in metaphyics  for the past 10 years. 

  Andres Macius  is  President Chugach Gem and Mineral Society for ten years, Board of Directors Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair

June 16, 2019  Happy Fathers Day

Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff-Speaker

The sacred masculine from the Indigenous standpoint


Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff has over 40 years’ experience serving his people, the Unangan (Aleuts) of the Pribilof Islands and other indigenous peoples locally, nationally, and internationally in a number of leadership capacities.  Ilarion was the first Alaska Native commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development, a state cabinet post. Ilarion also served as the chair of the indigenous knowledge sessions of the Global Summit of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change and served as the chair of the scientific committee for Snowchange, a consortium of indigenous leaders from 8 Arctic countries focused on climate change. He also engaged in a western state speaking tour on climate change and worked with the Great Lakes tribes to develop strategies for culturally based adaptation to climate changes.Ilarion is the co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples’ Council for Marine Mammals, the Alaska Forum on the Environment, the International Bering Sea Forum, and the Alaska Oceans Network. He has received many awards including the Buffet Finalist Award for Indigenous Leadership, the Environmental Excellence Award for lifetime achievement from the Alaska Forum on the Environment, Rasmuson Foundation award for Creative Non-Fiction, the Alaska Native Writers on the Environment Award, and most recently, the Wisdom Fellowship Award for lifetime leadership as a tradition bearer.  Ilarion is featured as one of ten Native Americans in a book titled Native American Men of Courage by Second Story Press.  He co-authored a book released three years ago by Les Intouchables titled: Aleut Wisdom:  Stories of an Aleut Messenger, published in the French language. Ilarion is co-author of a book published by UAA:  Stop Talking:  Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning and Difficult Dialogues, and author of the book Wisdom Keeper: One Man’s Journey to Honor the Untold Story of the Unangan People

Ilarion is currently co-producing two films, with academy award winning film director, Jeffrey Brown, of Indigenous Elders from throughout the world who met in Kauai, Hawaii in November of last year, The Elders assessed the state of the world now and what we must do now.  Ilarion’s passion is speaking of traditional Elder wisdom for modern-day challenges.— 

Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff
Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways (www.gcill.org)

907-223-5475 Author, Wisdomkeeper: One Man’s Journey… Perspectives on Indigenous Issues,


June 23, 2019

Dr.  Osuji “Zod” Ozodi, PHD  

Mysticism and light- All is Light!

Dr Ozodi holds a PH.D from UCLA and has authored numerous published  journals and papers.

He Teaches at the university level.  He also has worked in the mental health field.  In his words:

He continues to expand his research in the world of Mysticism.

My bio is:

I have studied both Hinduism and Buddhism for over 25 years.  I practice meditation. I do so not only to achieve the peace it gives but to try attaining the goal of experiencing oneness with God.

Although I have not had that experience (Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori) somehow I am convinced that it is true. I believe that our real self is the unified spirit self that both religions talk about. I write a lot on the nature of our real self, which is unified in formless spirit, as opposed to our false separated ego selves in bodies. I give talks on the real self. One of my books is called: Living from the real self.

June 30,  TBA

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