August Speakers and other Events at A.T.O.M!

August  Speakers and Events at ATOM

Sunday, August 3

Kabira Lyon

Tachyon and Colorpuncture

Tachyon and it’s use for healing pain and re-establishing harmony and well being in the body.

Blanca Kabira Lyon

cel. 907-6022051

Color and Light and it’s healing effects for the body & soul. Lecture on how memories are imprinted at a cellular level, and by applying light and color we can send information to remove shock, traumas and etc. bringing the body and psyche back to health.

Sunday, August 10

**Gloria Kron   Current Astrology UPDATE-Whats happening in the Stars?

Jupiter, as of mid-July, moving into the sign of Leo for 13 months. Big news for Leos, plus Aries and Sagittarius folks . Since Obama is a Leo, he will be affected by good fortune — (not sued by Congress ??)

Plus — since one planet rules a certain day of the week, we’ll see which day you were born on and which planet is your ruler —

So — bring your chart — and if you don’t have one, emailme w/birth data (date, time, location) and I’ll run one for you — $15 charge — if you wish a solar return – need to know where you were most recent birthday – $10 

Be prepared for lots of information — full moon — tremendous energy — Jupiter in Leo — big presence on stage — be prepared to participate —

Gloria Kron

Sunday, August 17

Donna Shockley  -Reiki Master

 Understanding Reiki and using it for Self Care

 From Dona Shockley – I’m a USUI Reiki Master for about 14 years, I do both session and teach the USUI Reiki method. I believe in self care after I got sick, so now I teach people to self care to prevent sickness.

Reiki is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing on every level  Reiki took me out of a wheel chair and into a great quality of life.  My mission is that everyone heal and in turn we can heal the plant.  I have the privilege of seeing many client’s succeed  in their own healing journey and steer themselves to the quality of life they choose.You can contact me at or call 349-1177



Sunday, August 24

* Peggy Beck-HUMAN DESIGN- a system of Logic

Every human being is meant to be different from every other one. Now, through Human Design, we can see and get in touch with those differences .. and develop our assets and learn to transcend our limitations.

H.D. is a system of Logic (it is not a system of belief).  It reveals to us the conscious and unconscious aspects of our individual design, so that we can come to understand  ‘who we really are’  and know what we can rely on in ourselves.   Most of us have an inner decision-making process which allows us to utilize our intuitive information .. when we utilize that (or learn to utilize it) we stay more on our path — which brings us experiences and lessons we are meant to learn  vs  learning lessons we don’t need to learn.

Peggy Beck, grateful to Jackie Kosednar (Alaska Wellness Magazine) is picking up the torch that Jackie left.   Jackie introduced and wrote, in a number of articles, her passion and knowledge of importance of H.D.    If this lecture sounds interesting and you’d like to attend,  you can email Peggy with your birth info prior to August 24th .. and she’ll be glad to print out your Human Design chart bring it to the lecture, so you will know what your particular information is!

Send the birth date,  birth time, and birth place (city, state  or country) to

             or   phone (907) 277-1566 leave the info on her recorder 

 Sunday, August 31

Joey Bays “ A Spiritual Journey through the TAROT

Joey Bays is an interfaith minister holding degrees in counseling psychology and Interpersonal Communication

                                     Atom Center and Friends of Atom have contributed 500.00 to the the

ALASKA Botanical Gardens, for the Memorial Garden that is in the works with their Master plan.  Thank you to all and Thank you one more time to Nancy Freeman Sawyer

For all she did for the Metaphyical community over the years.




Debra Denker, a friend of ATOM Center since 1996, will be seeing clients August 9th-23rd  at a convenient South Anchorage location.

v    Psychic counseling including LifePath readings, couple and family readings

v    Healing Touch (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor)

v    Private channelings

v    Energy healing incorporating trauma release techniques

v    Soul Essence Reintegration (a conscious and empowering form of soul retrieval)

v    Two hour sessions combining any two modalities

v    Animal Communication sessions

For information please e-mail her at or call her Anchorage voice mail 907-222-5281. Fee is $90 per hour plus $5 if you want a CD of your session. She accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards.


Book club



        Will be Aug 21.  We are looking for someone with a big TV and room

    For 8-10 people to host for this month.  Each person will bring something.

TIME:             7-9 p.m.  Please be timely.

MOVIE:          “Amazing Stories” produced by Stephen Spielberg.

Call Marie at 748-2609  if you would like to host



                                       August 31th right  after the gathering!

  Bring your periodicals and books to exchange-


A Rare Opportunity For Healing …

Allen Soule, Energy Healer , Intuitive, Health Educator, Vibrational Nutritionist & Published Author, Motivational Speaker

Sheila Forai, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Holistic Nutritionist from Canada

Dates available for Energy Healing: August 8-17, 2014

By appointment phone 602-653-3509 Cost $200/session

Here  are few testimonials from past retreats/sessions

  • “I feel very blessed and give thanks each day to have been guided to Sheila & Allen. I first met Sheila about a year ago, from the moment I met her I could feel energy flowing kindness and healing abilities. She later introduced me to Allen another real person devoted, sincere and truly dedicated to helping heal others. During the past year I have had three healing sessions with them that helped me release what no longer serves me on many levels ~ physically ~ emotionally ~ and spiritually. They have most definitely helped me by assisting my body in heal by bringing body, mind and spirit into proper alignment. My healing and spiritual growth continue to expand each day. I have a wonderful new foundation and a pathway to my inner guidance. If you feel drawn to heal yourself, all I can say is “Do it ~ experience the miracles that will unfold in your life” I highly recommend these beautiful gifted people to everyone.”

Dawn Reid-Reiner, Kelowna BC


  • “My experience has been extremely uplifting and inspiring. I have let a lot go and opened myself to new opportunities for growth and expansion. I have learned to step into my own power and will never let anyone take it away from me. I have learned to not worry what anyone thinks of me and to allow myself to be happy because I choose it. I have learned that love is unconditional and that I can trust the masculine, and trust myself to let the unconditional love be a part of me as a part of him. Life is a gift that I don’t intend to waste on being negative and bitter and angry!” Karen B. Alberta, Canada


  • My experience this weekend has been delicious. I met incredible people and I have been freed from some non serving shackles. I’ve learned that I do control the outcome of my life. I have grown closer to my love and my love for her and my reception of her love is so much greater! I can see my path and it is the one less traveled by. I am totally awake now. We are amazing and I have an ever lasting bond with the people I have gone thru thus with. I love deeper, feel truer and I am expected to go back home and be who I AM. I AM source. A light for ALL. Andy T. Alberta, Canada