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Spiritual Development Class with Galina Vladi

              Spiritual Development Classes   A main purpose of Spiritual Development Classes is to initiate a process of self-awakening, healing and spiritual growth. Shamanic journeys, meditations and group exercises along with well-presented information will help participants to move from the state of their ordinary reality to the perception of the life as the whole. Through …

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Awakening The Illuminated Heart®

Awakening The Illuminated Heart® Today, many people feel depressed and disconnected from Spirit and life, or are victims of unhealed childhood wounds.  They have lost the knowledge of how to access their own heart wisdom. In this workshop, Drunvalo Melchizedek shares his understandings to help each of us experience the freedom and deep connection that …

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Tantra of Peace Retreat

White Dragon World Presents: Tantra of Peace Retreat   Tantra is the reconciliation of the idea of separation. We can choose to view all of life as sacred, as whole, by using our experiences as an opportunity for self-realization (for wholeness, for our personal growth).   Click here for the complete PDF Document: Tantra Of …

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