Interview with John Hogue-Introducing him to the A.T.O.M Community


An Interview with Dawn Kelly


Hi John, thanks for doing this interview for the community. This will be your first journey to Alaska.


YES! I’m so excited to come up there at last, feel the Alaskan “anima”—its spirit of earth, sky waters and of course at this time of year, catch sight of its blazing auroras. I live just north of Seattle (the Gateway to Alaska) on an island in the Puget Sound. Time to pass through the gateless gate and see Alaska and Anchorage at last.


It will be a new experience from both sides. I’m thinking many Alaskans might not know your work and extensive appearances on radio and television around the world. How would “you” introduce yourself?


I often get those looks wherever I go. People recognize me but can’t picture from where. I usually break the ice asking them, “Do you watch History Channel?” I let my next questions follow the nods. “Do you watch the documentaries about prophecy and Nostradamus? (Nods!) Do you remember that expert with the long beard wearing the cap who looks like Nostradamus?” (Nods!!!)

Then I stroke my beard, smiling and say, “That’s me.”


You’ve done a lot more than just History Channel. Your resume is huge! Can you briefly take us through the highlights?


I’ll try. I’ve had to come to grips with a mind-boggling reality. I am the most televised Nostradamus scholar and author in history. From 1987 to the present I’ve appeared on four continents in 200 documentaries on Nostradamus, the Hopi, St. Malachy’s papal prophecies and introduced many other seers and prophetic traditions—Eastern, Western, native and aboriginal—from every time period and corner of the Earth. I’ve appeared in national broadcasts on ALL the US news networks, like NBC’s Ancient Prophecies series, Good Morning America and so on.

My largest audience was a 20-minute interview held on Nostradamus’ 500-year birthday anniversary in December 2003. It was with CNN International with Rosemary Church and one billion people!

I’ve sparred with Sean Hannity on FOX News on the Hannity and Colmes show, laughed and debated the ladies on ABC’s The View. There’s History Channel shows by the dozens, as well as all the other cable networks, like A&E, Discovery, American Heroes Channel, etc. that do “woo woo” themes. I was recently on Ancient Aliens as well, looking at UFOs and prophecy. A lot of international broadcasters too. I’ve done a lot BBC TV and Radio. I did three documentaries earlier this year watched by 100 million Russians.

Then there’s radio. A lot of your Alaskan friends might have heard me on Coast to Coast AM since 1994 with Art Bell for 19 years as also many more years on Coast with George Noory as host. I stopped counting at 1,000 how many radio interviews I’ve done since 1987.


And don’t forget all the books and articles!


I’m somewhere passed 1,500 articles. Most were written since 1999 for my Prophecy and current events website And if we count back in 1987 when I had my big break with my first book, Nostradamus and the Millennium, I’ve published 48 books in 21 languages and am currently working on three more simultaneously. You might call me the Louis Lamour of non-fiction prophecy books.


Talk a little more about the Russians. Did you go to Russia to do that?


No, fortunately their film crews came to me and filmed me at my Pacific Northwestern island home. I hope it might have done some good. Given our relationship with the Russians hasn’t been this bad since the depths of “the last” cold war.

It was a significant moment for me, an American, to introduce to the Russian people America’s most famous prophet, Edgar Cayce, and share with them how Russia, with American help, could fulfill his prophecy of being “The Hope of the World.”

Cayce documented and dated that prophecy in 1944 a year before he died. He foresaw the Soviet Union would pass away and be free of communism in the future. The new Russia would then arise and America would play a key role helping to become that hope of the world.

It comes none too soon.

I’ve spent years writing and warning about what Nostradamus and other prophets who dated and foresaw the First and Second World Wars indicate is a potential ahead of us—a potential we can change.

They are talking about a new cold war that goes hot. It could become a Third World War no one saw coming. As I understand their collective visions about it, it is a war with the Russians in which the Western nations walk “with open eyes” with nuclear missiles flying.

As a scholar of Nostradamus, I have learned that such futures are not written in stone. They can be avoided. One can only hope that the times I’ve appeared on television and radio all over the planet for 30-plus years has had some positive influence in, as Nostradamus would say, “inclining” the future towards a better alternative future.

Of course we’ll never know.

I’ve always hoped I’d be like that village idiot whose prophecies scared the villagers into doing the right thing, the price being, that all his scary prophecies that would have happened, never happened.

It is the tragedy of Nostradamus that he’s become the most famous prophet all around the world at the cost of being history’s greatest failure as a prophet.


Why do you say that?


What I’ve learned from a deep study of Nostradamus is that the future is not written in stone or preordained. It is in motion. It changes if we change our individual and collective actions. If you don’t like the discordant and frightening warnings of prophets, change your life now and the music of the visions of the future will sweeten and hint of a coming golden age of peace and enlightenment.

Nostradamus became famous because the record was there for people to discover in hindsight just how accurately he foresaw the tragedies of the future. All these tragedies he tried to forewarn us to avoid mostly happened. His fame for his foresight, discovered in hindsight, therefore is his failure.


What exactly is a “Seer” and how would you define what you “see”


In the deepest and most innocent sense, Seeing is a knack that all of us have. It only needs to be rediscovered. It can be hinted as an ability to watch the movement of the changing outside world and the movement of the mind and the emotions within. The “Seer” perhaps then can be recognized if each of us finds the knack to witness or reflect like a non-judging mirror, for or against, all that passes by as life, movement, no movement, emotions and thoughts.

A higher thing cannot be described by the lower, so if the mind can be watched then that mystery that watches it is higher/deeper than the mind and the emotions. The mystics like Osho say that this witnessing is the true and authentic “door” to religiousness. I would add that this simple understanding in the future will bring into being in this eternal moment an awakened humanity. Yet that understanding in the future can only be born “this moment” when you and I and the world are watched by something deeper than the lot, and watched without being drowned by identity with emotions and thoughts and the world.

When this kind of “Seer” is remembered, moment to moment, then each of us will begin to appear as expressions of the entire and eternal Existence in our day-to-day existence.

The New Humanity lives today, therefore his future is born today by all of us right here and right now.

That’s the view of the Seer, spelled with a capital “S”.

On a far lower level is the seer with a lower case “s” that has a gift of foresight that we call a prophet. Although I’ve spent much of my life in the study of prophets, it is only a peripheral consequence of my lifetime quest to re-member the “Seer” with a capital “S” and in the process help fellow travelers by sharing what is discovered along the “way-less” Way.


What is your definition of a prophecy and how do you formulate your information?


Prophecy is “potential”—nothing more. The future is a place of potential echoes of the consequences of actions we commit in the present. But we aren’t in the present, most of us. We live instead in our identities we drag along into the present from the past. Our past lives, our present-life identities borrowed from others, such as our personas (masks), or national and religious identities, our thoughts and feelings framed in the straitjacket of proper behavior into which the mystery of us was born into in this life.

All of this is dragged along in and quickly over the present into the future. Thus “prophecy” in this state of unconsciousness is a bad habit of humanity’s conditioning that makes us project our identified past into the future. That’s why history seems to repeat itself or at least rhyme with the past. We repeat the past and call it the future.

And thus we become all-too predictable for seers to visualize and interpreters too.

This pattern must be broken if humanity is going to have a future. Only when humanity fully returns to where it actually exists, in the present-Ever Now, will it then use its past experiences as mere utilitarian tools of life and allow the future to remain pure and unprojected “potential.”

In the present is the salvation of individual and collective human futures.

As to the second part of your question, Dawn, how I formulate information, there are two processes I witness myself undergoing.

There is the use of the mind as a tool to gather information about history, future trends and current events. The more I can use my mind merely as a tool rather than an imposed identity with all its filters coloring what I see, the more I’m able to forecast clearly.

Indeed, I contend that no one who claims to be a scholar of prophecy unless they have the subjective experience of being a prophet himself.

The objective knowledge, therefore, must be counterbalanced by the subjective experience of seeing the future.

You cannot know what love is if you’ve never loved. No impartial scholar that’s never loved is respected. Some things are subjective. They must be experienced.

Love is subjective. You must intimately, nakedly, enter the experience of love to have some understanding of it.

In the same way, you can’t just study prophecy, you have to be overcome by the experience the prophetic mystery because it is subjective, not an object.


Do you feel a personal connection with the consciousness of Nostradamus? Do you feel he talks through you?


Nostradamus is dead. He has been dead for nearly 500 years. Yet I am alive. We both—he dead, me alive—share “This” moment.

That a lot of people over the years marvel at how similar we look in facial appearance has been my entertainment. When people say I look just like Nostradamus I lovingly reply, “No, Nostradamus looks like me.”


When did you realize you had this gift of Seeing?


When I started having powerful premonitions, the first happened when I was a week away from my eighth birthday in October 1962, three days before it was publicly known that the Cuban Missile Crisis had begun and nuclear war was imminent.


How does astrology play into your predictions?


Astrology is not a science but a language. A poetry of divination that uses the stars to trigger the prophetic insight.

The most important thing I learned from Nostradamus studying his astrology is that the past and the future moves in cycles of returning lessons, karmic echoes of the past. We are both what are primarily called mundane or “political” astrologers, those who read the life cycles of world leaders, nations, religions and civilizations.


How can your predictions help us on our personal path?


In my private readings and my forecasts of the collective future, I try to bring this witnessing point of view to bear, the view of life through the gaze of a witnessing it beyond the personal “mask” that society stamps on our faces with its indoctrination from birth onwards.

To achieve this depends on a whole new way of looking at prophecy from what is a fundamentally “anti-Prophetic” point of view.

I use prophecy as a kind of Tantric device, like the ones I learned when living in Ashrams in India.

Tantra takes one “through” a thing to transcendence rather than repress. Most people know Tantra as a path doing this with human sexuality. But as my Tantric Master, Osho, would remind us, Tantra begins with Sex but doesn’t stay stuck there. One goes through the experience of one’s life force—sex—to rise to “superconsciousness.”

In the same way, I don’t repress either mine or my readers interest in what is coming tomorrow in the future. I take us there, all the way through it, so they can come through The Future back to the only moment in which they are empowered to change it for the better: ever-Now in this eternity of the present moment.


What specifics can you answer in a personal reading?


Anything in the moment of the reading that comes up.

I am reminded this moment of the moment 26 years ago I became effortlessly aware that my career as a Tarot Card reader would end. Personal readings were over for me. Reading the world was the only thing left to do.

Over the years since that happened, thousands of people have asked me if I would ever return to private readings. I told them perhaps. But it wasn’t up to me.

Readings, astrology, prophecy and so on, are not up to “me.”

Being moment to moment available and waiting with no ambition or goal is my response “ability” only. If in the next moment an adult lifetime of making predictions and writing books suddenly is over, then it is over.

Full stop.

In my experience, to do this kind of work right, one cannot be in the way of whatever happens coming out of that still and silent moment either in contemplation before the astrological charts or sinking into the meditative silence before the waiting Tarot Cards.

And yet, there is no “full stop” without a corresponding “full start.”

So I told people asking for readings to stay in touch. It is not up to me but something far vaster than me when, if ever, I should return to readings. I had no idea what the signs would be, just that I would know if they happened to emerge and then readings would effortlessly resume.

Dawn, you were one of the first in 26 years to receive such a private reading back in September in Little Rock at the Arklantis Convention.


Yes I was.

I don’t know if private readings will last for the rest of my lifetime. I do know the opening has returned and it is flowering further, thanks to the 26 years of lying fallow while world prophecies alone were made.

It seems that the time has come to embrace the big, collective prophetic picture with the intimately individual. Therefore I am making times for a limited number of private readings available in my brief stay in Anchorage this coming mid-January

If anyone reading this is interested in setting up a private reading, please contact me directly at this email  “contact form”  link below.  Be sure to put “Alaska Reading” in the subject line, and I will contact you with all the necessary details.


Thank you for this interview, John.


I’m looking forward to meeting all of you reading this article at the 12 January lectures. I hope this is but the first of many more adventures to come in Alaska and with all of you. Thank you.