July 6, Gabriella Parenzan


 we have lost the connection with what we are and where we came from (more in terms of culture and genetic makeup) and how we need to reconnect to that part of ourselves through intuition, introspection, and loving work on ourselves if we want to regain complete health and vitality

Certified Holistic Health Coach

907 – 440-9474

 JULY  13,  2014 Kaleem Nuriddin   “Are You Spiritually Free?”

Kaleem Nuriddin, a dynamic, award winning, inspirational speaker and facilitator.  He has the innate ability to connect with individuals and audiences of various backgrounds, assists in clarifying objectives, and inspires action toward meeting and exceeding goals.

Kaleem’s professional careers span financial, spiritual, educational and employment services. He is a licensed Spiritual Living Practitioner with the world-wide Centers for Spiritual Living and serves  the local community through The Alaska Center for Spiritual Living.

Kaleem Nuriddin (907) 727-9371

JULY 20 2014      JOEY BAYS “The Great I AM”

 – Waking up in BE-ing now through soft awareness and breath work. She will lead us in some discussion, and indviual and partner exercises.

Joey Bays is an interfaith minister holding degrees in counseling psychology and Interpersonal Communication

JULY 27, 2014 SPIRITUAL Experiences of our DYNAMIC Youth!!


“Joseph Lurtsema is a Pre-Med student at UAA who brings teams to foreign countries to provide relief to people living in poverty. On July 27th he is going to share is experience from his latest trip in the Dominican Republic, and how it affected him spiritually”.

ATOM Center will Say Thank you to Remember NANCY FREEMAN SAWYER                  ATOM Center will Say Thank you to NANCY FREEMAN SAWYER   Sunday, July 27th at our month end Potluck and spiritual book exchange A Celebration of Life Thank you Potluck…. The last Sunday of July 2014 is our end of the  Month Potluck and spiritual book Exchange.  On that Sunday, We will dedicate  that day to NANCY FREEMAN SAWYER who was active for many Years in the Metaphysical Community and was a long time  friend and supporter of ATOM Center . Our intent is to offer a donation in honor of Nancy Freeman Sawyer to the Alaska Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden hopes in their master plan to one day have a specific section as a memorial place so people can direct a donation to honor the memory of their loved one. This is in the planning and launching phase.   Our donation, with whatever anyone associated with ATOM would like to specifically  give to this donation between now and July 27 in honor of Nancy will be given to the Botanical Gardens with the intention of honoring Nancy’s Essence and Spirit .  On Sunday July 27, after our morning Gathering time at St Mary’s, our potluck  will be  a celebration of Nancy and who she was for all of us.  Come and Join us! *********************************************************************************** Healing energies of trees workshop flyer

Info and Registration form for Healing Energies of Trees



Mailing Address___________________________

City, ___________________ State _______ Zip


Email address____________________


How do you like to be contacted?   Email___________Text_______ call________


Location: call for location as there are a couple of places we can go but it will be

depending on the weather

First hour inside

2nd and 3rd hours outside with trees

 Dates we can meet

Times:  Thursday July 10 6:30 to 9:30

Saturday July 26 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunday   August 17 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


What to Bring:

YOURSELF-Willing to be fully present!

Water bottle

Dress in Layers- for the major part of time; we will be outside no matter what the weather-THE TREES DON’T MIND!!

Please note that some trees have sap so please wear something that if you get sap on it, you will be ok with that…  Also, you MAY get dirty…..

Rain gear if it’s raining.

Comfortable Shoes that may get dirty or wet

Bug spray/sun screen

Hat if you need it/sunglasses

Something to sit on  for outside–either a camping type chair or mat

Note book/pen

This is a meditative and interactive workshop… please be prepared so you are comfortable!


* Cost  25.00     space limited

Visa/master charge accepted,

Card no _____________________________ ex date_______zip code_____ sec code________

Prepare to Connect with Nature in a Unique way

What enticed you to sign up?___________________________________________

What do you want to take away from this Experience?____________________________________________

Please fill out and fax to 243-8937 no cover needed, or  scan back to dkelly907@yahoo.com

Info? Questions? call Dawn at 907-227-0989

**Please be on time for start of workshop so we can spend more time with the trees****




Shamanic Trip in Mongolia: August 19th-September 2nd

                                                              With SHAMAN Galina VLADI A 14-day trip in Mongolia is designed in a framework of teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff The Forth Way and will serve a purpose of a shamanic school.  The emphasis of this school is studies of Mongolian/Siberian shamanic traditions. My Mongolian shaman-friend Tulgaa Tsogbayar and his agency Travel-in-Mongolia is organizing for us a special trip that will include a 4-day stay in Ulaanbaatar, my private ONGON ceremony, and a journey through a beautiful Mongolian steppe to Mongolian taiga. On our way to the north, we will be meeting powerful shamans of the wild, then embarking on a 7-day horseback riding trip to experience supernatural forces of the pristine world of taiga. We will be practicing the principles of The Forth Way and living according to the ancient traditions.  Our growing shamanic awareness will allow us to see the world through the eyes of our ancestors, experiencing the truth of reality we are living in. As a group of highly evolved individuals through our conscious work, we will be able to experience conditions in which a higher energy could appear in us and around us, resulting in spontaneous manifestations and miracles. As Gurdjieff said: “If I AM, I CAN…” A rough estimate for the trip is $2,250. This price is estimated for a small group of 3-4 people and included all expenses in Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar accommodation, tour in the city, and a supervised 7-day back horse trip to taiga. My teachings and healing are also included in the price. If we will have considerably higher number of people, the price will drop according to the # of people. I will also be willing to give a sliding fee for those individuals who have a strong desire to participate in this unique experience but can’t go because of limited funds. Further information and a detailed itinerary will be emailed to the interested individuals. Since the time is short, I’d like to hear from you no later than by the end of June.   Love & Blessings, Galina Vladi (415) 871-0363