Michael Bradford Schedule for Anchorage tour


Michael Edward Bradford MA Returns to Anchorage!

International Intuitive Energy Healer, Mentor & Business Coach

 Returns to Alaska and A.T.O.M!

July 18– August 13, 2019 

12 Private Sessions available– 6 Talks – 3 Workshops

Mentorship/Apprenticeship Programs Available

Workshop 1 – Polishing the Diamond (that you already are)

            Your Breakthrough to Total Freedom

            Saturday July 27th  10 am–7 pm & Sunday 28th 11 am-7 pm

Highly personalized attention – Max 18 people – Only $397 (normally $595)

Workshop 2 – Intuition Training

            Sat. August 10th 10 am–7 pm & Sun. 11th 11 am-7 pm

Highly personalized attention – Max 18 people – Only $397 (normally $595)

Workshop 3 – Dowsing Training

            4 Evening Sessions – 6–9 pm (dates to be announced)

Highly personalized attention – Max 18 people – Only $397 (normally $595)

The Original Cameron Aura Meter – Chrome – Only $99 (normally $129)

 12 Private Sessions available – 50 minutes – $247 (normally $295)

Book Early – Includes MP3 Recording of Session & MP3 Healing Meditation

Michael’s Latest Book is now available

Regular $15.95 on Amazon – Only $10 at A.T.O.M.  ( Pick up at Sunday Gatherings  9:30 to 10:45 am at Centre on c- 6000 C Street)

  Michael’s Message

Hello Everyone!

It is with great joy and excitement that I will be returning to Anchorage, Alaska and to A.T.O.M. after being away for 33 years. Back during the summer of 1986, I had the privilege of hanging out with Mary Nelson, Michael Francis, Ralph Aaoauk, Dr. Russell Manuel and the great people who attended A.T.O.M.

Although my resume is listed below, I wanted to share that I work with the Councils and Tribunals of Light and the Karmic Board. I am a specialist and my gift is being able to access higher levels of consciousness and to intuitively pinpoint, track and clear deep-seated karmic patterns and energy blockages in a matter of minutes. Using the unique process I have developed, I do not need to ask lots of questions or to work through the many layers of the onion. I go direct. Accessing my Intuition and divine guidance, I can see, sense, feel and pinpoint the deepest root cause of your challenges – and then clear them in a matter of minutes.

Just hanging out with me for a few hours can be a life-changing experience. Please note that I use the principles of unconditional love, unconditional thinking, compassion and forgiveness with everything I do. 

Please Read My Book “Mastering The Human Experience: Your Soul’s Journey on Earth” before attending any event

Regular Price $15.95 via Amazon – Kindle format also available

Now available at A.T.O.M. through Dawn – Special Price at A.T.O.M. Only $10  ( Pick up at Sunday Gatherings  9:30 to 10:45 am at Centre on c- 6000 C Street)

Michael’s – Full Bio 

Michael Bradford is an international intuitive energy healer, business coach, author and spiritual teacher with extensive expertise in the areas of health, healing, personal excellence, spiritual growth, entrepreneurship, success and wealth creation. He has a Masters Degree in International Management and advanced training in Intuition, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Reading Energy Patterns and many other specialties.

Throughout his travels, he has shared healing experiences with Native American Medicine People, Canadian Medicine People, an Eskimo healer, Peruvian shamans, psychic surgeons from the Philippines, the Maoris and many hundreds of other therapists, healers, psychics, shamans and medical professionals. He has assisted countless medical and healing practitioners, including chiropractors, holistic medical doctors, psychiatrists and therapists, to help heal their patients.

Using his unique, cutting-edge, multidimensional methods, Michael has helped many thousands of clients in over thirty countries to break free of their limitations, balance karma and become more successful. They’ve gained greater access to their intuition, sped up their healing process, accelerated their spiritual growth, gained clarity, improved relationships, attracted greater success and increased their finances.

Michael’s first book, “The Healing Energy of Your Hands” was an international best seller published in 12 languages. His book, “Mastering the Human Experience: Your Soul’s Journey on Earth” published in early 2018 is available on Amazon and his latest book, “Intuition: Your Silent Thunder” is scheduled to be released in September 2019.

Michael offers private sessions, coaching, mentoring and in-depth workshops on personal breakthrough, financial success and intuition training. He is also available for conferences, keynote speeches, summits and joint ventures.

Contact Information

 Phone: +1-760-844-2778 (USA) / Skype: Michael.Bradford.Global 

Email: Michael@MichaelBradford.com / Web: www.MichaelBradford.com

 FaceBook: www.facebook.com/MichaelBradfordGlobal 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/michaeledwardbradford 

YouTube: www.youtube/c/MichaelEdwardBradford