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OCTOBER 2014 Speakers and Events at A.T.O.M

We meet each Sunday at ST Mary’s Episcopal Church 9:30 to 10:45 a.m

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 Sunday, October 5, 2014

John Chisholm

                                              The Challenge of Christhood.

From John:                           .

I will be speaking about The Challenge of Christhood as inspired by the Divine Feminine within . This may seem a bit grandiose.  I hope, through the Holy Spirit (my own Holy Breath), to make it more a demonstration of the grandeur which resides in us all.

As I see it,

You don’t have to be Christian to have a Christhood and

You don’t have to be female to evoke the Divine Feminine. 

I suggest that Defense Physiology and Traumatic Cellular Memory are obstacles to accessing both. There are many methods for overcoming such obstacles.  I will briefly define the three elements of the method I know, the Alchemy of the Holy Breath, and will demonstrate the 2nd element the Gr8 8 protocols.  I will offer Gr8 8 Table Sessions after the service for any who are interested for a love offering.  $20 was what we did last time and 10% went back to the ATOM Center.  I look forward to seeing you there if you are so lead and elsewhere if you are not.

A. John Chisholm

WindWake Connections

417 773 7967


In John’s words:John was raised Catholic by a devout father and a mother who dutifully tried to convert but it didn’t take.  She was probably closest to worship when she was fishing the creeks of Colorado. He attained a Master’s degree in psychology and has maintained a counseling/healing practice for 45 years. He married a Lutheran and fathered two children.  The couple sought mutual ground in Methodism for a while then she drifted toward more dogmatic religion an he toward more liberal, progressive worship.  He began to study breath work and gained exposure to some Eastern religions.  He is a student of A Course In Miracles and Urantia.  Most recently he has begun to study the Gnostic gospels starting with the Gospel of Mary Magdaline. Christ is the ribbon which winds through his path of faith and connection to all creation.  It is a Christ of inclusion and not the exclusivity often associated with Christianity per se.  His faith seeks to recognize the Divine Feminine as full partner to the Holy Masculine. He has come to believe that we are all endowed with the Christ seed and have the opportunity allow our individual expressions of Christhood to unfold.  His practice has taken the form of WindWake Connections which seeks to extend the alchemy of the Holy Breath to all who find it helpful. 


                                                            Sunday, October 12, 2014

                                                                 Peggy BECK

                                                             Alaska Human Design  

                                                             Back by popular request!

In Peggy’s words: I will speak about further information than was covered in the recent August  lecture. This time, we’ll cover descriptions of the Centers,  Profiles and more … and, if Peggy knows who is attending and if she has their charts, she can discuss some specific channels and gates, which can make this information come alive in an intriguing way, so be sure to attend if you have time!  Please bring your Body graph Chart so you can follow along with what pertains specifically to you.  If you do not have your chart, you can go to www.humandesignamerica.com  where you can input your birth data and print your own Chart.   ( Peggy would love to do a chart for you if you email  peggybeckus@yahoo.com   or call (907) 277-1566  … but she cannot promise she’ll have time prior to the lecture, so be sure to bring a chart you’ve acquired (for free) from Human Design America. )


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Keynote speaker from England

Mike Noel-Smith

Key note speaker, Trainer, Adventurer, Author, Master NLP practioner and Spiritual Seeker

Visiting from England.

·        A Decade of Energetic Self Discovery – from the Indian Ocean to the Aleutian Islands, and back…

Mike will share with us his decade of self Discovery, he has been a star trainer for many years in leadership and team development for International companies. . His adventures include rowing the Indian Ocean, cycling in record time from England to Africa and back for Charity   He will be in anchorage for two weeks and is a motivating and entertaining speaker.  He is filled with spiritual insights and will share them with us during his time at ATOMCenter.




SUNDAY October 26, 2014

Mike Noel-Smith

Key note Speaker from England

Healing Self, Healing the Planet – the Difference that makes a Difference
Sacred Journeys and Solar Energies of the past 5 years
Mike will be speaking about his journeys of traveling the world working with solar energies and eclipses and how it makes a difference!  He will be sharing his experience after just having returned from Kodiak with a group working the powerful eclipse that occurs over Kodiak October 23.  Mike is an inspirational and motivational speaker!


Bio on Mike Noel-Smith

Mike Noel-Smith spent 18 years as an infantry officer in the British Army and saw service throughout the world. He represented the Army and Combined Services rugby teams and played cricket for the Infantry. After retiring from the Army in 1992, he became Operations Manager of Challenger World specializing in outdoor management training, a post he held for 3 years before taking the post of Director of Training at Insights Ltd under Will Carling then, the England Rugby Captain.

There he was responsible for the design and delivery of leadership and team development programmes for business teams with KPMG, Timberland, The Royal Mail, Vickers Plc, British Telecom, Standard & Poors, BP and many others. The key message of why high performing teams in the world of sport and business are very similar in their core processes towards winning is a leading programme that Mike designed and delivers.  He has also delivered motivational training for The England Cricket Team, Harlequins RFC, The Royal Sun Alliance Ocean Racing Team, Great Britain Men’s Hockey Team as well as advising individual international sportspeople from around the world.

Over the past decade, Mike has worked extensively in the Gulf region of the Middle East, living 2 years in Qatar and 5 years in the United Arab Emirates. There, he designed from ground zero a leadership assessment centre, recruited and trained 70 staff before implementing a process which ultimately assessed over 12,000 Governmental officials and a range of civilian company management teams. He has worked in the Oil & Gas sector for Halliburton, BP, Saudi Aramco, Noble Energy, Bapco and Sabic and is a key instructor for PetroSkills – one of the worlds leading professional energy trainers (see www.petroskills.com/instructors.aspx)

A keen ski mountaineer and rock climber, he has led expeditions over much of the Alps, volcanoes in Mexico, the mountains of Africa as well as the deep jungles of Central America. In addition to his love of altitude, in 2003 he and his colleague Rob Abernethy rowed 2000 miles into the Indian Ocean before tropical storms battered both them and their boat leading to a dramatic rescue by an Australian warship. Mike had been seriously injured and for 4 days the pair remained at the mercy of the ocean until the rescue was successfully completed in atrocious conditions during night. He is currently training to cycle across Canada in world breaking time in aid of charity (summer 2014).

His ethos in life is to ‘prepare well and follow your dream with an open heart’. He shows business audiences and sports teams that the power of teamwork combined with sound leadership and a determination to win (despite crisis and hostile environments) will always pull you through. Not least of all he demonstrates that a powerful self-determination linked to a positive attitude can make the difference when it matters.

Mike is a Gold Star Member of the Ecademy, The World Speakers Association and is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). He has spoken as a Keynote Speaker at over 40 international conferences. He is also a qualified Psychometric Assessment Instructor, Behavioral Analyst and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM).

Mike published his first book ‘Wild Waters in the Roar’ in 2008 which is an account of the Indian Ocean Row of 2003 (Author House ISBN 978 -1 -4389 – 0420 – 7 (sc)




Thursday, October 16, 2014

HOST:             Diane Carr    RSVP:    345-7707  EMAIL:   dcarr@gci.net

ADDRESS:     5301 Whispering Spruce Drive

TIME:             7-9 p.m.  Please be timely.

MOVIE:          “Ancient Aliens DVD series” 

BRING:          Appetizers or Drink

Call Marie at 748-2609 or contact Diane




Sunday October 26, 2014

Right after the gathering!

Bring  food to share and your periodicals and books to exchange-




Strategies for a Healthier Lifestyle

Wed Oct 1 6:30 p.m

Anchorage WaldorfSchool

3250 Baxter

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Sound Healing and the Power of the Drum

Presented by Suraj

White Eagle Medicine Woman

Oct 18,2014

9:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Contact Anne Wingquest 907-830-6890


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