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Michael Bradford

Mentor, Business Coach & Author

                Regardless of whether your challenges are with courage, confidence, addictions, relationships, prosperity or a health issue, Michael has found that the deepest root cause always lies energetically within us. Intuitively identifying and quickly clearing these blockages is Michael’s specialty.

                Using his unique, extremely accurate, cutting-edge, multidimensional shamanic methods, Michael can often identify and clear the deepest root cause of your challenges in a matter of minutes.

                Over that past 45 years, Michael has helped thousands of clients in over 30 countries to break free of their limitations, balance karma and become more successful. His clients gained greater access to their intuition and inner wisdom, sped up their healing process, accelerated their spiritual growth, gained clarity, improved their relationships, attracted greater success and increased their finances.

                Would you like to clear, activate and increase your soul frequency and soul vibration? What would you like to change, heal and improve in your life? Are you ready to do it now?                                     

Michael Edward Bradford MA (International Management)
Intuitive Healing, Guidance, Insights, Answers, Solutions, Results!
Intuitive Energy Healing Specialist, Business Coach, Consultant
Building Deep Meaningful Heartfelt Spiritual Connections


FaceBook: michaelbradfordglobal
Mobile & WhatsApp +1-760-844-2778 – Virginia USA
South Africa Mobile = +27 66 018 5010 / Cape Town -Vredehoek
Author of “Mastering the Human Experience: Your Soul’s Journey on Earth”
Skype: Michael.Bradford.Global (Virginia Beach, Virginia)  or (760) 844-2778

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Joyous Body

CFMW @ Access Consciousness®

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