Public Event with Mychael Shane press release


5515 Arctic Ste. B

Anchorage, AK  99518

Contact: Rev. Rory O’Boyle

(907) 444-8660


Psychic Returns  to Demonstrate Rare Apportation Phenomena


Returning to Anchorage, Rev. Mychael Shane will present a public demonstration of his astounding psychic abilities Friday evening, March 29th  7 PM at the Westmark Hotel in downtown Anchorage. In November he riveted his audience at the Denaina Center with the apportation of 87 semi-precious stones, coins , jewelry and  silver bars through his body under fully lighted conditions and in observance of fraud –proof test conditions.


Rev. Mychael explains that his Spirit Guides dematerialize the objects at another geographic location on the Earth and then fold Space/time to produce the objects through a vortex of energy centered in his physical body. He calls the objects Sacred gifts from the Angels and the Ascended Masters.  He is the only psychic medium able to demonstrate this ability this century and has been scientifically tested at the HeartMath Institute in California and the Tretorn Medical Group in North Carolina.


At his November event he also gave blindfolded billet readings to selected members of the audience producing amazing accuracy and evidence.  At the Westmark he will again  demonstrate billet reading followed by an address through the trumpet via direct voice by the Ascended Master  Count Ste. Germain.  The Count will speak on “The Power Of Manifestation”. After an intermission Reverend Mychael will demonstrate apportation in the full light  with a  physical examination of his body and the cabinet in observance of test conditions.   A gifting ceremony of the Sacred Apports will follow with Rev. Mychael selecting an object to present to each individual audience member present.


Doors open at 6PM with limited seating. Admission is $100; Adults over 16.

For reservations and more information call.  (907) 444-8660

To view video of Rev. Shane go to YouTube: