Spiritual Development Class with Galina Vladi

              Spiritual Development Classes


A main purpose of Spiritual Development Classes is to initiate a process of self-awakening, healing and spiritual growth. Shamanic journeys, meditations and group exercises along with well-presented information will help participants to move from the state of their ordinary reality to the perception of the life as the whole. Through their consistent work, they will be able to experience true consciousness, true love, and true being. The participants will have a chance to develop a strong intuition, build individual power, learn healing techniques, and initiate the process of self-healing.  The classes will include Gurdieff’s teaching The Fourth Way, special exercises from the Berkley Psychic Institute, teachings of native shamanic traditions of Siberia and North America, and sacred wisdom teachings.


 Spiritual Development Classes are comprised of three levels: the Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. They will run weekly for 2,5-3 hours for nine weeks each level respectively. Participants are required to complete all classes of each level before moving to the next level. One absent class is allowed and will be reviewed with the teacher. Each level must be prepaid in full before the beginning of classes. Advanced students will be given an opportunity to assist the teacher during group exercises.

Participants have to bring a notebook and wear comfortable clothes. Any late arrival would not be allowed to the class until a break between the classes’ activities.



Beginners Level:  $295

Intermediate Level: $390

Advanced Level: $ 496


The discounted fee of $1,000 will be given to participants who’d like to pay for all three levels at once.


Informal opening of Spiritual Development Classes is on Friday, April 25th at 6pm. The opening night and the classes will be held in downtown location (the address will be announced on the Anchorage Expanded Consciousness Meetup site). The opening will include a brief review on the Beginners Level classes, a meditation, and a prayer-ritual to set an intention for the Work. It will be followed by a dinner that is complimentary for registered participants and $10 for the rest.


The starting day of the Beginners Level is May 8st.



Instructor:  Galina Vladi


Galina Vladi is a shaman, healer, Qi-Gong Master, storyteller and Master Acupuncturist. She is originally from Siberia and received her shamanic initiation in Mongolia. From 2010 through 2013, Galina traveled extensively worldwide with her shamanic work, providing healing for people and the land, sharing her wisdom and telling her stories.  Her work is known in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Mongolia, Siberia, and throughout Europe.

Galina can be reached at: 415-871-0363 or galina.vladi@gmail.com