Sunday Speakers

ATOM March 2020

Sunday , March 1 2020

Speaker- Sherry Coburn-Nia Practitioner

Nia -a Mind, Body, Spirit Celebration!

Nia is a blueprint for loving your body and helps us understand the potential we have as people to craft an amazing and joyful life.

Sherry will tell the story of her life experience, her discovery of Nia and her journey with this

beautiful holistic health and wellness practice that has given her an amazing spiritual journey, created increased intelligence and improved health.

NIA will change your life, come and experience the bliss!

Welcome to NiaBliss

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Speaker- Stephanie Gerard

 Living in the Now

In the midst of these new energies, aka “5D,” we are experiencing opportunities for new awarenesses and new growth.  These new energies ask that we make some changes of our own, some feel comfortable and some don’t. How may we support ourselves through these changes, as the changes will continue to bring new awarenesses and sometimes this can feel challenging to harness.

In this talk we will visit five tools to help us stay present in the “now.”  We will also visit some of the current energetic changes that humans are experiencing.  We will see that in the end, ‘everything old is new again’ yet at a higher frequency.

Sunday , March 15, 2020

White Eagle Medicine Woman

20/20 Vision: The Power of Our Perception

Learn the 4 core shamanic methods of perception to understand and integrate your own spiritual guidance

as well as your life challenges and how to use the Crystal Winds breath work to open to

2020 with new eyes to see and new ears to hear.

White Eagle Medicine Woman is the founder and director of the Homer based Whirling Rainbow Foundation, the Grandmother Drum International Peace Project and the Rainbow Fire Mystery School. She is a practicing medicine woman, trance channel, teacher, author and world musician who has taught and performed in over 20 countries touching over a million people. Her life purpose is to share ancient and contemporary tools, methods and practices of personal and community health and wellness so that humanity can live and love fully in beauty and harmony with all life on earth.

Sunday March 22, 2020

STeve Plante’ 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Speaker -Bobby Cobb

Experiential Journey into Being

We are not human beings with occasional spiritual experiences, we are Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.  A catchy and popular saying, yes!  Yet, for a moment, fully considered this as a precise description of the way our Human Experience actually works.

This Sunday, Bobby Cobb will help us explore this perspective experientially rather than intellectually.  Using the speaker’s proprietary techniques known as SAM ~ TEC {Source Awareness Meditation ~ Transcendent Explorations in Consciousness}.  This easy and effortless guided contemplation promises to have you re-imaging the nature of existence, discovering the source of suffering, angst, and anxiety, and exploring the human experience in a perpetual state of Union with Source.

SAMTEC is a blend of Mindfulness Meditation, Advaita {Non-Dual} Direct Inquiry, Guided Contemplation, and Liberation Hypnosis.

Bobby Cobb is a Liberation Hypnotist, Mindfulness Executive and Life Coach, and Spiritual Awakening Facilitator.  He works with Individuals, Organizations, and Corporations to live and work in harmony with the way the mind actually works.  He is the author of Momentous: A Transformative Journey to the Center of Your Authentic Self and is currently working on his next book due this year: Unencumbered Life: Navigating the Human Experience from Pure Flow.

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